Thursday, March 12, 2009

Revolutionizing Pet Adoptions

The Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) in Rancho Santa Fe, a bedroom community of San Diego, California, is a private, non-profit organization whose founding vision builds upon the idea of helping adoptable pets find new homes.

The Center’s overriding philosophy as a “no-kill” facility focuses its energies on a high and rapid turnover, ideally leaving animals in the shelter for no more than five days from surrender to adoption.

Its innovative pet adoption program has turned the Helen Woodward Animal Center into one of the most successful and widely lauded facilities worldwide. A tribute to the Center’s success is in how it is being used as a global training ground, teaching other countries how to promote the humane treatment of animals without resorting to euthanasia.

The “no-kill” concept was adopted by Helen Whittier Woodward, the Center's visionary founder, a woman passionate to make the world a better place for pets. The California native fulfilled her dream in 1972, establishing a facility where not only orphaned animals could find shelter, but people’s lives could be enriched through adoption.

(Photo Courtesy of Helen Woodward)

Woodward has been focused on providing animals with stable homes, as well as therapeutic and educational programs to further support the community.

Under the guidance of Helen Woodward, the Center has become one of the premier shelters and facilities in the country through programs focused on humane solutions for pets in need.

(Photo Courtesy of Helen Woodward)

Helen Woodward's state-of-the -art facility includes Club Pet, the Equine Hospital, the Therapeutic Riding Arena, Adoption Kennels and the Education Building. These facilities, in combination with an experienced fulltime staff and more than 600 volunteers, make the Helen Woodward Animal Center an unparalleled leader in creating a more humane world for pets and people.